Prostitution Politics

Written in 2014, this poem applies even today to the politics we watch unfold in our state and national headlines daily.


Prostitution Politics

I live in a brothel,
But I am not a whore.
Personally opposed to impurity,
I’m chaste to the core.

I help with the auctions,
But no slaves are mine.
Opposed to such servitude,
I try to be kind.

Working at Auschwitz,
Folks arrive every day.
Personally opposed to holocaust,
What else can I say?

In a warm den of thieves,
I spend most of my time.
Opposed to all thievery,
I commit no such crime.

I party with death,
But never would harm a child.
I am personally opposed to killing
And to all murder most vile.

I dance with the devil,
But I’m untouched, in the lead.
Opposed to all evil,
I’m not self-deceived.

I live in a brothel,
But no whoring I know.
Opposed to defilement,
I’m pure as the snow.

Copyright © Guy McClung 2014