Virtuous Citizenship is an essay with one simple purpose – to educate people about the morality of their civic involvement. This Socratic method of logic and discussion plainly lays out the rationale behind the morality of the votes you are casting.

Yes, many people devote attention and thought to the vote they cast. But often times, without proper formation of conscience and without proper attention to issues which are considered intrinsic evil, you could be cooperating in evil.

Is this the first time you’ve ever heard about the concept of voting democrat being considered a mortal sin? Email us at VirtuousCitizenship@gmail.com

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  1. abyssum

    Congratulations! You have filled in a huge void that has existed too long; the silence of the Roman Catholic Church on the obligations of each and every one of us to live and act in as perfect conformity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as possible for us with our individual strengths and weaknesses. In these critical times there are few areas of action more important than voting responsibly every time we are given to opportunity to vote. Your ‘catechism’ of voting responsibly is timely, needed and merits study by every Catholic and Christian. God Bless you! +Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi



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